Miracle Blessings
God offers blessings
   The Miracle Blessing | Blessing Prayers

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God noted that He wanted people to live with His blessing. It was because of sin that people suddenly were in crisis, and needed the act of a miracle to draw them out to ensure that they were no longer within a particular crisis.

This can be seen as a learning point for all people. Rather than getting into trouble and then asking for a way out, it is better to seek a blessing and life your life in a way that will not ever require a miracle to step in and save you from whatever demons are haunting you. If you find that you are not receiving the particular blessings you are asking for, this does not, however, mean that you have been forsaken by God. It may have other meanings. For example, it may be to do with your faith, and how you feel about your faith. It may be a test of your faith or of your person. Or perhaps you really have been blessed, but you are simply unable to see how this is the case.

While miracle blessings may seem an odd contradiction in terms, this can be what people are asking for when they think they are asking for a simple blessing. Rather than a blessing to prevent a crisis, they are seeking some sort of curative or intervention that will not only bless them, but that will bestow something additional into their lives. You should consider what exactly it is that you are seeking when you are asking for a blessing or a miracle. You should also consider your reasons for doing so, and the state of your faith, when you are making such a request.
   Ask for financial help if you've been praying for money at church. Recite a bedtime invocation prayer. Say a prayer for money at church and be blessed.