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The Miracle Blessings: blessing, or miracle?

Miracles and blessings are two distinct things that occur in a religious context. A miracle is something unexpected that is caused by divine intervention, whereas a blessing refers to imbuing something with holiness or divine will. Some people do use these interchangeably under the term the miracle blessings, but if you are one of these people, you should consider what you are actually asking for when praying for miracle blessings.

Many scholars and religious individuals note that God prefers not to do His work via a miracle. God, remember, works in mysterious ways, and it is not often through something as large as a miracle that His work and role in the world is seen. Many times when people are asking that a miracle be bestowed upon them, they are in actual fact looking to be blessed instead. Blessings are far more common that miracles, and do not demand as much for their fulfilment.

Blessings and miracles require different outcomes in order to be considered one or the other. In many cases, when a miracle is asked for, a blessing might have been more appropriate in the beginning. For example, somebody may ask God to cure their ill health. This would be considered to be a miracle. On the other hand, this same person could ask God to bless them with good health in the first place. In this case, this person would receive a blessing. It is not always so much to do with perceived agency as it is to do with the outcomes or the demands of the act. If you were in the situation of the ill person, would you be asking to be cured, or would you have asked for a life of good health? This is the sort of thing that is meant when people use the old adage "prevention is better than cure".

The role of the blessing is preventative. That is, a blessing prevents a crisis from occurring. In contrast, a miracle offers respite from a crisis that is already in place or in action. It happens after the suffering or the event has already occurred. Drawing on miracles as your source to quell any suffering you feel may say something about the way that you are living your life. Consider whether you are moving between different crises, and thus are asking for miracles, or whether you are seeking blessings so that you do not have to ensure the pain of a crisis. While this difference can seem small, it can be significant.
   Ask for financial help if you've been praying for money at church. Recite a bedtime invocation prayer. Say a prayer for money at church and be blessed.